Featured Projects

App Based Projects

Material Design Voice Recorder

Intuitive, professional, and advanced voice recorder focused on delivering a straight-forward user experience. Created using the Kotlin programming language, the app sports advanced abilities such as automatic backup, advanced sharing, and custom bitrate settings that will satisfy any power user.

CustomBoot v2

Android Application (Java based) that allows users to customize how their device boots up. OEMs are notorius for including their own branding whenever a device boots, this app changes that. Currently closed source with the intent to open source later down the road.


Application (Java based) dedicated to interpreting user generated images to text using Computer Vision AI. For example, taking a photo of your receipt would generate all the text from your receipt into a copy & paste—able list. Due to updated app practices from Google, app is currently in maintenance and will return to the Google Play Store soon.

Root Reboot (Recovery)

Simple application (Java based) that allows root users to reboot their phone. Furthermore, it allows users to reboot into 'Recovery Mode', which is generally used to create or restore backups.

Due to updated app practices from Google, app is currently in maintenance and will return to the Google Play Store soon.

Web Based Projects

Dr. Conner's Personal Counseling Business

Website created for Dr. Conner's counseling business. Created from scratch with Material Design principles in mind, the user experience is very direct and easy to use. The website offers information about her business, and contains other functionality such as a contact form, location information, and information about her services.

New Providence Capital

Professional WordPress website designed for New Providence Capital, a direct lending company that specializes in financing for the real estate industry. The website strives to be clean, intuitive, and minimalistic.

My Portfolio

Portfolio website used to display projects that I've created (or am creating). Built from scratch, the portfolio uses the MaterializeCSS framework, in addition to other JavaScript frameworks such as Typed.js. The website aims to be helpful for potentional employers or clients who would like to see work I've done in the past.


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